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Smart Wi-Fi Plug
With Power Monitoring


This simple to use and setup smart plug enables you to set automations, timers & schedules to best suit your power and lighting needs. Controlled via the EKO Home App remotely, access and configure your power outlet across your wi-fi network.

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Remote Access & App Control

Through Wi-Fi, remotely control your EKO Smart Wi-Fi plug via the EKO Home app.

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Wireless Connectivity

Works with 2.4 GHz wireless network. No need for a separate hub to control your devices.

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Automations & Scheduling

Set automations, timers & Schedules to best suit your power needs.

4. power monitoring.JPG

Power Monitoring

Once Connected, you can monitor your power activity for devices that are plugged into your EKO Smart Wi-Fi Plug.

Smart Plug Locations

Setup and connect your EKO Smart Wi-Fi Plug. Monitor, manage devices and check power consumption in any location within your home.
Use it to remotely turn your bedside lamps on & off.

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Smart Plug - Hey Google.jpg
hey google.JPG

Easily integrate voice services such as
Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Once you have setup all your device, connect with a chosen voice service and control all your devices with voice commands.

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EKO Home

Stay Secure, Stay Safe.

Download the EKO Home app to gain access and control your Smart Wi-Fi Security products.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
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Need help setting up your device?

Follow the simple steps to setup your EKOSystem product by clicking on the below THE SIMPLE STEPS button, or for a more detailed setup process download the instruction manual.



Power Supply
100-240V ~ 50/60Hz

Total Max Loading.
10A 2400W

2.4G Hz / 802.11 b/g/n

Wireless Range
Up to 20 Metres (walls included)
Up to 40 Metres (open space)

Compatible App
EKO Home - Available on: Google Play Store (Android)
App Store (iOS)

44 (w) x 57.6 (d) x 76.5 (h) mm

Net: 0.08 kg / Gross: 0.15 kg




KSP1EM - Instruction Manual - 0.9 MB

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