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All New Smart TV

Access a whole new world of entertainment with our new Smart TV

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Content Store

Have access to hundreds of applications ready to download and install 

on your EKO Smart TV. 



A simple to use TV EPG (electronic program guide) to view, schedule and record your favourite DTV channels.

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Home Dashboard

This enables you to manage all your connected devices such as external speakers via Bluetooth, Inputs from gaming consoles and media players or manage other ThinQ AI connected devices within the Home IoT Devices section.

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ThinQ AI changes the way you watch TV.

With a simple voice request ThinQ AI can make suggestions for movies, TV shows or music. or provide updates about today's weather.

*ThinQ AI only available with

Magic Remotes sold separately.

​Other Features

  • Air Mouse Pointer – With an air mouse pointer navigation of your TV, on-screen keyboard typing, and its streaming apps becomes even easier. Just point to the location and press wheel (select)!

  • Wheel Select button – with a wheel button, scroll up and down menu options or even your EPG (TV guide) to quickly scan through DTV channel information.

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